How Important is SEO?


Have you ever wandered how important it is to have good SEO on your website? It is very important, you see the the first listing on the Google search gets as much as 82% of the clicks. An SEO expert is able to get your website optimized to get more website traffic and meet the criteria that Google requires for your website to be at the top of the listings. That is what search engine marketing is all about.

Google is looking for the most relevant and authoritative site possible to match the search term that the searcher is looking for. It is important for you t identify the proper search terms that best fit your business and target those terms. Search terms are referred to as keywords and keywords can be a single word or multiple words, even a phrase.

For best results your keywords should be used in your URL and or site title and the keywords need to be spread out within the contents of your page. Your site needs to have enough content to support the fact that someone coming to your site will find useful information. If your site only contains 1 or 2 pages Google may not view it as an important or authoritative website.

Another important element to ranking high in the search engines is the number of other websites linking to yours. Other websites link to yours to share the information that you have to offer to their visitors, in order to get high quality websites to link to yours you must also offer high quality information or value. Another way to get links is to write articles for other websites to use and include a link back to your website in that article.

A true SEO professional can help you with all of the items and the results can be larger that you would think. Depending on your business the amount of people searching for what you offer can be huge or just a few and each require different tactics to get a high ranking in the search engines. A business or niche with a lot of traffic usually has a lot of other websites competing for those visitors and one with just a few searchers may not have much competition you must figure out how to attract those few and persuade them to buy what you have to offer. A real SEO expert is well worth his money but not all that offer SEO services are real experts so be sure to choose carefully. Top listing results take time to obtain so be patient and keep moving forward and you will reach your goal if you choose the right internet marketing expert.

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